27 December 2013


Christmas was fine but there were a few clouds hanging over the festivities this year.  A friend of mine's dad lost the battle with cancer, it's good that he is no longer suffering but it is so tough losing a parent especially this time of year. While they may or may not appreciate it now, the closure that they have had with many of their family and friends during this and being able to say goodbye is so very precious.  Sending much love to them.

Another running acquaintance back in the states also lost her life just before the holidays--her funeral is today.  Unfortunately this time it was a case of domestic violence, her husband took her life and destroyed so much more in the process--they had four children who will have to deal with losing both their parents in the ugliest manner possible.  It's easy to say why can't people just let go but you can never predict how someone is going to react when they are angry and hurt when faced with the end of a marriage, something I found out firsthand.

So......live, love, hug, appreciate, don't take life for granted and most of all please be aware of what is going on around you, if there's ANY hint of violence please do something. It may be nothing but you could also be saving someone's life and this applies equally for men as it does women.


Jane Hurst said...

Such good advice. Theres alot of hidden violence

gabsatrucker said...

Yes there is. I can't comment on what went on in the rest of their lives because we simply don't know but this sort of thing is usually not unprecedented.