28 December 2013

Getting the jump on.......

Cross-training started back up on Boxing Day, call it my jump start on the new year resolutions.  Kicked it off with a full body 15 minute tabata interval style workout with my new kettlebells, yes there is some DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) today.  In the interest of keeping it going and hopefully making it a habit again I also did another more structured weight workout along with some skipping rope and hula-hooping.  I also woke up still feeling blech and not breathing very freely so this made me feel less guilty about not taking Elsie for a run today but I can't blow it off tomorrow, it's not very fair to her.

Elsie when she sees me putting on running shoes

Today's workout:
--2 minutes jumping rope for warmup
--Pumps & Iron (LOVE her website!) upper body using 4 (8.8 lbs) and 6 (13.2 lbs) kg kettlebells.  Yes, I'm a lightweight at the moment and even worse the coating on the bottom of the bells is bright pink.  Also added in some figure 8s and body weight only windmills because apparently I'm not coordinated enough to do those with weights.

At least the jump rope isn't girly-girl hued

--5 minutes jumping rope
--15 minutes hooping with the weighted hula hoop (7:30 minutes each direction). I need to invest in a heavier hoop, can't remember what size I bought but it was on the lower end.

Now that Christmas is over I'm hoping that we will be able to start putting a gym together in the garage, it's kind of a pain in the butt having to scoot the (very heavy) coffee table out of the way before doing a workout. The hooping and skipping rope has to be done outside which was all right for today because it wasn't raining and the winds were relatively calm but you can't count on those conditions here in the winter. I don't think the hula-hooping would go too well in the 30 plus mph winds we have had so much of this month.

Drying out the trainers

In a sort of resolution based, keep the motivation going vein I've also joined 3 (so far) groups for working out in January--the Janathon 2014, the Jantastic, and the 30for30 challenge put up by one of the Truckin' Runners facebook members--yeah, yeah, I'm no longer a truck driver but it is still interesting keeping up with the group since I was a member almost from the beginning.

Hmmm, suppose I should also formalize everything else I hope/need to do better in 2014 but I think it's pretty much the same as every year: get organized, buy less, run better, eat healthier, foam roll more. Yep, that looks like it's the usual list.    

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