05 December 2013

Better than expected

I must confess I wasn't looking forward to tonight's run. My legs are tired from being on my feet for so long yesterday and the 40-50 mph wind gusts that we woke up to was not helping my "Not sure I wanna do this" attitude.  Fortunately the winds dropped down to 11 mph by the time we were to run.  I was almost late and the group had just started off when my partner dropped me off, happily some one spotted me as I was trying to catch up. It had started to rain with occasional sleet and the odd snowflake here and there as well, not the best night to forget my cap........but things improved much to my surprise, or rather my mindset did.

I could have taken the opportunity to cut the run short on 3 different occasions--the first when a few decided not to take the longer route and twice more when we edged dangerously close to where I live.  So glad I didn't because once I settled in and decided to stick it out it ended up being quite awesome.  Yes, running in the dark (with a head-torch and reflective stuff, this Brooks Nightlife top for me), sleet, rain, snow, trails, muddy pastures, and trying to stay out of the way of a police car on a narrow lane is my idea of weird fun. My partner referred to us as insane, lol.

Finally contacting a running club was a great decision, I might should have done it sooner but at the same time I am glad I waited to get something of a base built up.  Everyone has been incredibly welcoming and making sure to look out for me since I don't know the area as well.  It's certainly building back up my endurance and speed and I love hearing the sound of other runners' footsteps surrounding me again.

Off topic but my home state of Arkansas is bracing for a major ice storm. Hoping all my friends and family are able to stay safe, sound, and warm and that the power outages are kept to a minimum.  The UK has been hit with a horrible storm as well, fortunately for the majority it has not been ice but very high winds and flooding.

3 Flamingos would have been a welcome treat after tonight's run even with it being so cold. Thinking of frozen yogurt makes me think of my friend Missy though, which makes me a little homesick (hi Missy!!!).

Best froyo evah. 

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