27 December 2013

Not so Festive relay

Running. I do that. Sometimes quite well, other times not so much. But I do run and while I love it most of the time occasionally it just sucks like today.  On a normal day I would love an event like the Christmas Relays--you got pavement, you got cross country, a little bit of mud and a few hills, people around you suffering just as much. Fun stuff.  Right up until you factor in the winds..........and not just a breeze, these were bone-chilling, blow you about winds.  Add in a somewhat stopped up nose and I felt like I was suffocating out on the course which in turn was throwing my heart rate into overdrive. I haven't felt this bad on a run since the Hogeye Half last spring. My pace went from 7:59 on the first mile to 8:37 on the second. Sucked. Oh well, on to the next, eh?

Trafalgar Square, watching everyone take pics of each other

In other news, my partner treated me to an impromptu trip to London on Christmas Eve (which is probably where I picked up the stuffy head, lol).  We didn't do much, just wandered about a little bit and had a meal in one of the restaurants near the Google HQ (Union Jacks--food was ok, service was lackluster, overall nothing special).  Spent a grand total of £9 (excepting the meal and train tickets) and five of that was at Primark for a slip because my dress and tights were not playing well together.  There was a search for a kitschy ornament for the tree but because we arrived so late most of the stores were already closing.  I was a bit surprised that Trafalgar Square wasn't more "done up" but we really should have made our way over to Covent Garden/Carnaby Street/Regent Street for the Christmas decorations.

Where to next?

It's still a bit surreal to me to be approximately 2-2.5 hours away from London, it was even more surreal being in a train station there and seeing Disneyland as a destination, lol.  Can't wait for the first Europe trip via rail.

Happy Holidays everyone! Hope all who celebrate Christmas had a very merry one

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