01 December 2013

XC Muddy Madness

Today was my first race with the club in the winter cross country series, reminded me how much I love the crazy muddy madness that is the sport of XC.  The league (is that the correct term?) rules are similar to the RRCA Grand Prix in the states in that you must have at least 3 women and 4 men on the teams. As for anything else, I'm not sure yet about the ins and outs of how it works other than it was free if you are a paid member of a running club and must wear the club kit during the race.  I will have to go and do my research because this was so much FUN!!!! Love the camaraderie and encouragement.

Still clean and almost 5 miles to go

Just a brief recap. Had my usual pre-race nervous upset stomach but thankfully got it all out of my system before heading out the door to the race. Didn't warm up (oops!). Dressed too warm for racing (know better). Wore regular running shoes instead of trail (haven't broken them in yet) or spikes (don't own any).  Two laps for 4.8 miles and part of that was spent slip-sliding around trying to not fall in the churned up mud.  Nearly face-planted directly in front of a woman runner right on my heels (all I could think was if I go down, she's coming over the top of me!). Twice through a just over ankle deep water hazard. Threw my gloves at my partner who was taking pics, then yelled thank you on the next lap.  Missed a right turn along with two other runners because the course marshal had moved (shades of Sara Low 5k, eh?). First 1.5 miles was spent thinking ohmygosh why do I do this, next part was settling in for the plod (but trying not to fall-recurring refrain, lol), final part was thinking where in the hell is that finish line, are they moving it about on purpose to tease me???  Best of all? Getting to hang out with like minded, crazy runner types :-)

click to see larger image for the lap splits

My splits are a bit abysmal but I'm not complaining, this gives me a goal to beat for the next one and hopefully make those a bit more even.  Improper shoes definitely played a part as well as the lack of speed training (more the latter I'm afraid).  Besides this was just dirty wholesome fun for a bright December Sunday, the weather was certainly near perfect. 

The aftermath

Love my Brooks running gear #runhappy #runmuddy

The "reward" after the race, Costa coffee stop for a large latte, egg sandwich and gingerbread muffin.

The partner also bought me a HUGE canister of Celebrations mini chocolate bars afterwards, he either loves me or is trying to fatten me up ;-)

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