14 December 2013


RIP PureFlow 2 trainers

I had planned on doing another cross country style race today but woke up with my left knee all sorts of wonky and no idea why until my partner started giving me the third degree about it.  Afterwards I was walking down the stairs and a quick glance at the cupboard in the entry where I store my running shoes when it hit me--I'd hit my personal mileage "use-by date" on the Brooks PureFlows I wore on yesterday's run. The slight achiness in my knees that I use as the gauge to replace my trainers had been building up for the past few weeks and that one last run I kept promising to quit using them after kept getting postponed in the hopes of prolonging their life.  Alas, that final trip around the canals was yesterday, on a Friday 13th no less, which seems an appropriate date for their demise.  I can't complain though, these shoes made their running debut with me back in late August when I was still in Arkansas and have over 400 miles on them. Not bad considering the average life is estimated to be 250-300 miles and most of those miles were on the uneven surfaces of canal trails.

The running partner who was by my side most of those miles


TWBrit said...

So does Elsie require a Paw upgrade too?
Suppose it's a good job your partner asked all the helpful questions then :p

gabsatrucker said...

Nope but she might require a pedicure (as do I)! Yeah, I kind of think the partner is a bit of know it all myself, but useful in a smug sort of manner :P