10 January 2014

2013 Races and Events

Yes, it's that time (past time actually) to do my yearly running recap.  Since I now live in the UK I will start trying to do my dates in the day/month format which is opposite the US way of month/day

20/01/2013 The Rocket Launch 1/2 Marathon. Santa Monica, CA 1:46:09
24/02/2013 34th Annual Sentara Colonial 1/2 Marathon. Williamsburg, VA 1:53:44
17/03/2013 Stafford Half Marathon, Stafford, UK 1:52:54
06/04/2013 Capital City Classic 10k. Little Rock, AR 50:43
14/04/2013 Hogeye 1/2 Marathon. Fayetteville, AR 2:08:43
27/04/2013 Beyond Boundaries Boot Scootin' 5k Dash. Ward, AR 23:22
11/05/2013 Women Run Arkansas 5k. Conway, AR 23:51
12/05/2013 Westminster Women's Classic 10 Miler Virtual Race 1:51:51
31/08/2013 ARK 5k Classic. N. Little Rock, AR 26:46
07/09/2013 Sara Low Memorial 5k. Batesville, AR 25:04
01/12/2013 BDL XC Trent Meadows 41:05
27/12/2013 Notts AC Christmas Relays 19:14

Total miles ran: 1348
Total miles cycled: 496 (mostly trainer)

Notable for the year:
*I placed 3rd overall in the Rocket Launch 1/2 marathon which is also my current pb (small races rock!)
*The Capital City 10k is my 2nd fastest 10k ever but it should have been my fastest, darn stomach didn't cooperate
*I won female overall in the Beyond Boundaries 5k (gotta love small races!)
*Placed 3rd overall in the Women Run Arkansas 5k clinic division for the 2nd year in a row
*paced someone for the first time ever in a 5k
*joined a running club in the UK

This year I also had a couple of non-injury DNS races due to the massive amount of traveling in the first four months of the year (was worth it though)

Got rice? Yes, I won what seemed like half my body weight in rice and rice products :-)

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