20 January 2014

A year ago today

This time last year we were a few days into a road trip from Arkansas to California, for some reason I didn't blog about most of (if any) it at the time.  Oh well, it's giving me some post material for this year :-) 

In Arkansas at our second pitstop 

On our first day we had a late start (waiting on a camera delivery for Wednesday morning) but we still managed to make it to Tucumcari, NM where our first hotel room was reserved--it was too cold to camp in January otherwise we would have saved some money. My partner got to experience the monotony of I40 in the winter and the scarcity of coffee shops through miles and miles of highway but we did make one essential tourist trap stop in Amarillo, Texas, The Big Texan.  To add to the general kitschiness there were several groups of Australians and one group of Brits visiting there at the same time. Better yet, one of the Aussies had squared off against an Englishman in the 72 ounce steak eating "competition", we were about to roll out of our booth from laughing so hard at one particular Aussie who was yelling at his countryman not to let the limey beat him. 

Hard to get a good photo at night with all the blinking lights, Amarillo, TX

"Normal" for California

Visit to the USS Midway museum San Diego, CA

Tour of San Diego with Victor from Victorville 

Would have loved to chatted with her

Santa Monica, CA

Finish line at The Rocket Launch Half Marathon, Santa Monica, CA 
20 January 2013

I have tons more pictures but those are some of the highlights of January up until this date last year and I don't want to overload the post with too many. This year has been more low key but that doesn't mean any less exciting or different since I'm beginning my first full year as an expat in the UK, it just means I need to get more creative with my adventures.  

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