06 January 2014

5th and 6th

Hmmm, looks like my Janathon blogging pattern is a post covering 2 days in a row.  Yesterday was a 7 mile muddy trail run--without Elsie the mutt this time. She was having no part in leaving the warm bed, can't say I blame her, I was wishing I'd stayed there myself in the beginning.  Parts of the path once I ventured away from the canal trails was pretty much a quagmire, there was no running through it and even walking was treacherous a time or three. I even slipped and fell once and it was on a section parallel to the M1 so yes there were witnesses.  All in all it was a good run though, my two slowest miles were on the endless uphill sections that also included the swampy bits (10:43 and 10:05, miles 3 and 4) and I kept a 9:33 pace overall.
The aftermath

Mud bath anyone? A shave wouldn't hurt either 

Today I skipped the run since our club handicap run is tomorrow night. Not sure that what I opted for will leave my legs anymore rested though.  5 minute warmup outside with the jump rope then did a full body workout with the kettlebells. Definitely time to move up past an 8kg bell for the swings and for giggles I threw in 5 burpees with every set. Yes, I am not bright at times ;-).  

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