07 January 2014

January club handicap run

Tonight was our monthly club handicap run and due to a dust and allergy induced sinus pressure headache (we're changing rooms for our office and main bedroom) I was expecting the end result to be less than stellar. I've pretty much been laid out on the couch the majority of the day stubbornly refusing to take anything for the pain, then when I capitulated it turned out that we had absolutely nothing in the house for allergy relief. Paracetamol did absolutely nothing to relieve the pressure but at least it made me drowsy enough to take a nap for a bit.

Anyway back to the run. It was miserable, it felt like the wind was at my face for the majority of the 3 miles pressing against the bridge of my nose and eyes just out of spite. Other than that, a car backing out of a drive in front of me, and a group of unruly hooligans that tried to plow directly into the runners, it went well :-). Per my garmin I managed to better my time from the December handicap run by at least 9 seconds but will have to wait for the official results on the club site.

In addition to having a better time, my legs are not sore so I'm definitely seeing results from the weight workouts already. My partner had mentioned the day before that I was looking skinnier and my jeans are fitting looser yet my weight has not changed so that's another good sign.  I might have undone that with the after run meal of fancy mac and cheese and chocolate cake though ;-)

Splits from tonight

Janathon Day 7: 3 mile run, .28 mile warmup slog, 100 bicycle crunches, and lots of foam rolling. I even managed to blog about it on the proper day, yay me!

UK versus US difference for today: Clarityn/Claritin. However it's spelled, it equals relief.  

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