16 January 2014

Strolling about

This afternoon I managed to convince the partner to come out with me and the mutts on a short walk--well, there is some dispute over whether it was a short walk or not (2.5 miles give or take). We fed the horses a carrot each and slogged through the mud to reach the canal trail.  While wandering about we ended up chatting with an elderly couple that had a couple of dogs as well. During the course of that conversation it turned out that the man had lived on our street but had moved away in 1964--I felt sort of youngish since that was before either me or my partner was born, lol.  Some older people are like children though, absolutely no filter! My accent was such that it led the woman to ask could I even say "Ben" and here I thought my southern drawl was getting more understandable ;-).

We did take the time to explore a nearby cemetery and churchyard that I'd been meaning to stop at since we moved here. I'm glad I waited until today so I could share it.

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