08 January 2014

social media and customer service

A curious exchange on twitter has led to this post, we all take to the interwebs to complain about and to corporations but how often do we receive service that is just as it should be and we never say anything about it? Here in the UK I've had multiple dealings with one particular shipping company that has rarely been good, ie not showing up multiple days in a row yet the site shows attempted deliveries when there has been someone here to answer the door.  Yes, I went on twitter and facebook to complain--in a polite but emphatic way but today's experience with a different company had me on the former to say thank you.

They send an email (or text if you choose) the day before saying that they will be delivering a package the next day and you can choose to re-schedule or have it left with a neighbor/neighbour.  Then the day of, you receive another notification of the hour window time of when they will be there. How brilliant is that???? The driver was here within 15 minutes of the time frame beginning.  Exceptional and handy!  So I then went on twitter and said thank you and within 1.5 hours received two tweets back from a disgruntled lady saying that I must be the only happy customer. Yes, from her experience she earned the right to complain and SHOULD do so. How else can a  business know when there is a failing if people don't do as much? But by the same token, if there is excellent service then kudos should be handed out as well. Can you imagine being in customer service and only getting "yelled" at all day?

A quick read-through of the woman's twitter feed who chose to include me in her complaint revealed a lot about her grasp of social media though. Basically she rarely interacts with anyone personally, using the service only to flog her business, and the majority of her posts are in ALL CAPS. Yes she "shouts" a lot, clearly she doesn't have a grasp of how to use what can be a powerful tool.  Her loss.

Ok, my rant is over :-)

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