05 January 2014

Janathon Days 3 and 4

Quick catch up on Janathon--I didn't run yesterday because of still being sore from the kettlebells but did my 90 bicycle crunches and a heckuva lot of foam rolling which seemed to have done the trick because I woke up way less achy this morning.  I'm thinking Sven the foam roller (because anything that causes that much pain must be named) is getting due to be replaced, the indentations from rolling are becoming permanent.

Today I eventually crawled out of bed after the torrential rain and winds seemed to have died down and headed out for a short run with Elsie the Miniature Schnauzer Menace.  I opted for a mostly road route because all the trails are becoming waterlogged and was hoping that I would be able to skip having to bathe Elsie afterwards. No go on that, she's too aerodynamic and low to the ground.  As much mud as she picked up I might as well have headed out on the canal trails and skipped the hills.  We ended up with just over 5 miles and thankfully it was wind and rain free.

Elsie all bundled up after her bath

This week I have picked up a few fitness "toys" to start replacing what I'd given away in the states. I've mentioned the balance ball but I also bought a 5kg medicine ball (actually a no bounce slam ball but it's easier to say medicine ball) and a workout dome.  The latter is very similar to a Bosu balance trainer but it's less than half the price but the dome is a very bright red, very much looks like the Staples Easy button which caused my partner no shortage of amusement.  While I was doing my core workout I was getting additional work from laughing at all the comments he was throwing my way--everything from "it's gonna blow!" to comparing it to a giant shut-off button while I was trying to do back extensions (those are the g-rated ones, it got much worse). 

Ben checking it out

York Fitness Ok! Famously Fit Core Workout Dome, the name is almost a workout in itself, lol.

Today's workout:
5.23 miles in 52:44
3x15 of back extensions, v-crunches, regular crunches, and single leg bridges on the fitness dome
2x1 minute planks on dome
3x10 pushups on flat side of dome
90 bicycle crunches (truckin' runner challenge) on the floor
lots of general standing on the green side of the dome trying to balance--aka not fall off and bust my front teeth out (again)

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