16 January 2014

pics from the week before

I have fallen off the Janathon blogging wagon but my workouts have continued. Not sure that anyone was enjoying those posts anyway so I will go back to my usual modus operandi. Today is just random pictures from the past week.

Wind turbine progress, all 3 blades are now attached

Nettle bloom

The unseasonably mild English winter means that the trees are already budding out and there are odd bits flora sporting blooms. Of course it's only the middle of January so there's a lot of Old Man Winter left to come. Hopefully it won't do like last March when it was snowing on us nearly every day when we were here looking for a place to lease.  

More of the wind turbine. It looks sort of like a giant bird coming over the trees at us

One of our "neighbors", the big horse will come up to me all the time for carrots but this is the first time the pony has approached me for a treat. Of course Ben wanted to say hello

The start of a short Peak District hike with Elsie and Ben

Shut down brewery--seen on Saturday's run

Top of a hill looking towards the Peak District--another pic from Saturday's 7 mile run. Yes it was a gloriously beautiful day so long as you ignored the wind

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