19 January 2014

No run and and a mini rant

This weekend has been a bust for working out, I'd planned a long run meet up for Saturday morning only to wake up about an hour before my alarm went off with a swollen and sore throat, scratchy eyes, feeling achy all over and dizzy spells whenever I tried to move about. No fever thankfully and I think it was one of those times when my body has decided that I've done too much and it was going to shut me down in the quickest way possible. Blech.  First words out of my partner's mouth after he finally woke up was "Wow, you sound terrible".  Yep, no running or working out for the weekend after all, grrrrrrrrr. I am much better today and hope to get back in the groove tomorrow *fingers crossed*.

Today was spent doing some research for an upcoming day trip which meant I got a little lost on youtube chasing after only sort of related videos, a couple of which were from Americans who had recently visited Great Britain and Ireland. One recurring thing I hear a lot is about how terrible the food is and I just don't get it (yes, I've ranted about this before, lol). This one girl just whined on and on about the horrible food and that even the fast food places tasted "different" and "not right", needless to say the comments were disabled for that vid because I'm guessing she had been slammed for it. I'm not sure where they had been eating but it sounds like they never made it past the fish and chips shops or the motorway services.  I might miss certain foods but there is no shortage of deliciousness or variety about to partake of and I'm making it my mission to test out the gammon and egg in as many pubs as possible.

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