01 July 2008

Great day

Beautiful weather today with very little humidity, absolutely perfect summer day!!

We started off the day with a bicycle ride to visit the local bike shop after I cooked breakfast (whoa, twice in one month!). Stood around and visited with Dewayne and Bill for a while then rode back home--it's maybe a mile round trip. Even more sore and bruised from our spills yesterday--I have bruises where I didn't think you could get (or ever want) bruises and James' shins are still swollen. It'll be an ibuprofen night again.

Did some major cleaning in the living room and kitchen areas but still need to clean windows--YUCK. It goes a little easier when there's two of you tackling it. I mowed the front and sides of the lawn while James went to medicate his mom's cat. I'm pretty sure I had the easier job, lol!

No run today but had a evening walk with James and Elsie (2.57 miles in 43:22). My right shoulder started aching really bad after 30 minutes so guess it got banged up yesterday more than I thought. Did some stretching afterwards and that helped immensely. We topped off the evening by building a fire in the fire pit that my sis and b.i.l. got us a couple of years ago and watching Elsie chase bugs in the back yard.

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Annette said...

Yesterday was a beautiful day in Arkansas. Sounds like you took full advantage of it!! I ran about 7:30 in the evening and it was a great run!

Your neice is a cutie!!!