07 July 2008


Okay, it was brought to my attention that I said some things that were considered offensive in my last post. When I refer to somebody as a redneck I'm not meaning everyday type people, I'm referring to the type of person who seems to take great pride in coming off as ignorant. This particular person is like that, if anything is the slightest bit different or if it's new, it can't be good, and therefore must be ridiculed.

Marc, this is in case you don't read the reply I left to your comment. There's absolutely nothing wrong with camo except if it's in a wedding. This girl was 19 when they married and she'll regret the color choice later on, trust me, it's a woman thing and this is coming from somebody who regrets some of her own wedding detail decisions (I was also 19 when James and I married). You're also one of the most intelligent people I know.

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