19 July 2008

Wii is me, woe is me

Kind of a busy day today, we had to take James' mom to Little Rock for a doctor's appt and then start looking for a Nintendo Wii for my nephew's birthday. Little bit of advice, don't wait until the day before if you want to find a Wii. Nobody had one in stock, we ended up buying a used one from Hastings here in Searcy. We found PS2, PS3, and X-Box consoles but no Wii's. Felt kind of weird about buying a used console but it does have a 90 day warranty and we did go and buy a new remote, nunchucks, and a game. Brought it home and tested it to make sure it works ok and OHMYGOSH I want a Wii for myself, it's too much fun.

This morning was a 10.3 mile bicycle ride with James, we slept late so didn't have time for more than that. One of the big hills that I had been having to climb in my absolute lowest gear I managed to climb with 2 rear rings left (did that make sense?). Anyway I didn't have to bottom out the gears, YAY!!!

Ran 4 miles this evening in 37:27. It's hot, humid, and my legs felt tired but no walk breaks. It wasn't an easy run but also wasn't unbearable so I'm making progress. Plan on getting up early in the morning to put in 10-15 miles bicycling before meeting up with the Bike City group for another 12 then we're off to Russellville. Andy's birthday party is going to be at a skating rink so I will probably have a few new bruises tomorrow. Oh, and I managed to do 4 sets of 10 pushups this afternoon, first time I've tried to do more than 1 or 2 since breaking my collarbone.


Terry said...

You so inspire me... I am back at trying to run again, with walk breaks!!! But I am also doing another 45 minute workout each day.. Strength training and toning.. Not for bulk, just nice toned muscles!!

And as for the Wii.. The first time I played.... I pulled a hamstring while bowling.... Seriiously!! Very addictive and a grat way to get the kiddos active!!

gabsatrucker said...

Aww, thanks! Just don't be inspired to have as many accidents as I am right now. Geez it's almost enough to put me back on the couch--well, not really but it's frustrating.

I've always included weights, just not as good about logging those as I am my running or cycling miles and I haven't done any heavy strength training since the accident. I think the best ab/back/arm exercises are planks. Seem so simple but really can kick your ass if done right.

I love the Wii bowling! Kicked James' butt twice this weekend at it. Thought it would be a good way for my sis to get moving more with the kids and have fun too.

Melissa Cruz said...

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