24 July 2008

Week in review

Stressful week what with rushing to get back for a Thursday 8:30 am appointment and the I35 traffic was heavy because of Hurricane Dolly. I missed all the rain but was starting to catch the higher winds so that made keeping my lightweight, doglegging trailer difficult to keep in my own lane. Sorry everybody! Pulaski was busy Monday with all the auto plants coming back on line so I didn't get loaded until after lunch and that made the week feel even more rushed. My trailer was at Laredo but with no paperwork so I had to send a msg/call night dispatch to have the bills faxed. Thankfully the night guy was one I like and he faxed them fairly quickly.

Have I mentioned how I hate going into the Love's at Prescott, AR to fuel? I'm sure I have, that place is a nightmare. It took me 55 minutes last night to get in and out of there, the line was so long trucks were almost backed out over the interstate bridge waiting to fuel. A local cop had to come out there to supervise and make sure there were no accidents. Evidently all the companies are using the same fuel optimizer program that we are, great, just great............I wonder how much Love's is paying these people to favor them.

Weird experience last night. I was going to park at a local fuel stop to sleep last night because it was after 10:30 pm and I don't like bringing my bobtail into our neighborhood after everybody's gone to bed (lots of cranky old women on my street!) and I was approached by a young woman in a bathrobe. She wanted to know if that was my truck and where was I hanging. I'm like excuse me and she again repeated "Where are you hanging?" It's at this point I see that she's all glassy-eyed, is actually wearing a white bathrobe, and her movements are really weird. Freaked me out 'cause I realize that she's on something and this chick is bigger than me and I'm not sure I can get away from her if she starts to get violent. I probably didn't do the proper thing but I just got back in my truck and drove to the front of the fuel stop to tell them there's some girl wandering around out in the truck parking area. The clerk told me that the cops had been cruising through there more than normal but hadn't let him know what was going on and he then immediately called 911. There's a rehab place next door to the fuel stop and I'm thinking that she may have come from there. At that point I'm like to hell with the neighbors I'm going home to sleep.

Monday's run was a miserable 4 miles at Pulaski, I overslept a little and didn't get moving until right at 8 a.m. It was hot, humid and not at all pleasant. Ran for 3.75 miles, walked for 1/3 mile up a hill, then ran again for 1/4 mile to make it an even 4. If I would have thought about it I would have run on the Sam road rather than Crescentview, it's hillier but lots more shade.

I only made it back to Cotulla Tuesday night so ran there Wednesday morning, much better than Monday's run. I was up earlier and there was cloud cover so didn't have the sun beating on me. There was a headwind coming out of the northeast that I did have to fight for part of the run. The route was mainly the frontage road but I did add on a little bit in the neighborhood on the east side of the freeway. Was barked at by lots and lots of dogs. 3.73 miles in 35:54.

I think Gary is going to ride this afternoon so will join him for whatever hilly torturefest he has planned. I'm also registered for the Dam Night 5k Sat. evening. That will bring July's total to 3 races, I'm making up for June in a big way.

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Susan said...

That bathrode girl would have freaked me out! I think you did the right thing.