17 July 2008

Why can't I just run all day?

Haven't slept well most of the week, when I slid my trailer tandems at the customer Monday morning the handle kind of recoiled/"popped" back on me and my right shoulder was achy for a couple of days. Nothing major just enough to make it sore and me a little cranky.

That's not why I'm in a down mood though. I have a family member from out of state visiting for the next 2 weeks and I'm just not looking forward to it. Yuck, personal stuff.......

I did have 2 great runs this week though. The first one was at Prescott, AR Monday evening. Had to fuel at the Love's at exit 46, then went and parked at the old truck stop at exit 44 and ran on the frontage road in between the 2 fuel stops. Ended up with 3.48 miles in 34:10. It was a slow run but felt almost perfect, it was one of those runs where you felt GREAT during and afterwards. It's a deserted enough location that I was even singing out loud--trust me you don't want to be subjected to that torture!

Tuesday was a rest day, Wednesday I ran 3.84 miles in 37:04 at Pearsall, Tx. Did have some stomach issues at mile 1 but thank goodness the bathrooms for the city park were open and even had toilet paper (that's a miracle by itself!). After that everything was peachy-keen. I think that's the first time I've run at Pearsall and didn't have any stitches. I'm also pretty sure that some of the motorists thought I was a little loony because I was picking out places where the asphalt had been patched and was zig-zagging and skipping along the patch lines. Yeah, I was having a good time with my run. Too bad that didn't translate over to the rest of my day--that personal stuff again.


Annette said...

Hey girl, I hate to hear you are feeling blah, blue, whatever. I do understand about family issues!!

I hope you have a great weekend!!

gabsatrucker said...

Thanks Annette! Just 1 more weekend and things get back to normal. Although from the sounds of things you may get to meet the source of my blahs at the race Saturday night if I make it.