05 July 2008

Interesting conversation

While walking Elsie last night I saw a former co-worker from Atlas that was visiting somebody else on my street. Now this guy is about as redneck as you can get and was half-lit already so it was quite an interesting (read:frustrating) talk.

Some of his comments:
"Yeah, I heard you broke your arm or something riding a bicycle. I told them they had it wrong, you ride a motorcycle not a bicycle."

"Why were you riding a bicycle? Were you broke?"

"I bet you're not riding it anymore." When I told him no, I still rode, had just completed a 60 mile ride a couple of weeks ago, he again said/asked

"Don't you have any money for gas, why are you riding a bicycle for?" Told him that I was training and it was fun.

"What are you training for? Are you sure you can afford gas for your pickup?"

And around and around it went, just had to finally tell him I needed to finish walking the dog. By the way he considers being called a redneck a compliment. When he married his second wife their color(s) for the wedding was camouflage.

Why is it that because somebody knows you from one part of your life they think that is all there is to you? James and I have always been physically active in something, I've just took it up a couple of notches over the past 1 1/2 years. Just because we are in a blue-collar profession and live in a southern (sort-of) state doesn't mean that we have to sit around and do nothing but drink beer and watch tv. Oh well, like James told me last night, we've always been considered crazy by our co-workers for trying new stuff.

Changing the subject here, we had to start parking our trucks up at Bald Knob in February because the business we did park at started leasing the lot to one of the new gas companies and the only other large lot in town wants to charge $40 per weekend per truck. We wondered how long it would take before our trucks and/or trailers were broken into because that town has more than its fair share of crime. Well, James' trailer was broken into last weekend. Somebody saw the heavy cable seal that's put on our trailers before they cross the border and thought there had to be something valuable inside. Bet they got a surprise when they found nothing but empty racks! I keep expecting to go back to work and find our tanks siphoned off.


Annette said...

Hey girl, the time lag is not from the end of the race but the beginning. Where we started probably took us about 8 seconds or so to go over the start line.

Marc said...

whats wrong with camo

gabsatrucker said...

Marc, nothing as long as it's not for your wedding. His second marriage, her first (I think she was only 19 at the time). That's going to be something she will look back on and regret. Trust me, it's a woman thing. And he's not what I would call a good old boy, just somebody that takes pride in acting ignorant about most things. You're not somebody that I would classify as a redneck, you're one of the more intelligent people I know.


Marc said...

you know i just had to razz u, kinda like when u got a flat and some one stops and asks u got a flat nope just changing the air out for fresh, there having a kyak race up here sometime in august

Susan said...

I am not offended by this - not in the least! Ha.