10 July 2008


Some weeks you should just stay home :-). Shouldn't say that, I've had too much time off and it's spoiled me. It wasn't a bad week, some parts were actually quite good but the rest of the time I was just feeling off (pms). Monday was an approx. 3 mile run at Columbia, TN. Beautiful morning, just the right temperature but forgot to start the timer on my garmin so don't have an exact mileage/time. 2nd issue was tummy problems, had planned to run further (farther?) but ended up making a quick turn around for the bathroom. It's a pain in the butt (literally!) having to plan your runs around where there's a convenient restroom. Got showered and while dressing the hook on my bra broke. Now I'm faced with going bra-less back to the truck or putting on a very sweat soaked jog bra. Opted for the jog bra, going sans bra across a truck stop parking lot is NOT an option.

Actually got unloaded and reloaded fairly quickly at Columbia Monday morning, was rolling by 1015, YAY! A couple of the forklift drivers that used to be on nights was asking about my shoulder and the bicycle wreck and the guy that's now in charge of the shipping office thought we were talking about a motorcycle wreck. He was asking if the bike was ok and I told him it was fine and he proceeded to tell me all about a wreck he'd had 10-15 years ago and how expensive it was to repair the fairing. That's when I realized he was talking a different kind of bike than the rest of us. Got him on the same track as everbody else and he then started grumbling that $700 was way too expensive for a bicycle, he'd fall over of a heart attack if he knew the next one I'm planning on buying in a year is in the $2000-$3000 range. I am slightly offended (in a humorous way) that he thought I rode an entry-level motorcycle.

Did get the news that this is the last week for the Columbia loads, they are starting the shutdown process. No surpise there, we'd known for 2 years that Delphi was trying to sell off the non-electronic divisions. It's a wonder they had stayed going this long, the last load was supposed to have been back in March. James spoke to Scott and he said that the 2 of us would have nothing to worry about as long as he was there and had dedicated runs to give out. I'm going back to my Pulaski run next week. Huge YAY!!!! I absolutely love the people there. Not sure if James will be picking up at Pulaski too or one of the new lanes out of Missouri that will be starting. If he gets the MO run, he'll be able to pull 2 trips a week and still have weekends off. It just won't be 3.5 day weekends like with the TN runs. I did talk to a driver week before last that asked if we were still doing the TN trips and he was commenting that we'd been on those FOREVER. Told him that in reality it would be 3 years come September but I guess that is forever in trucking terms.

Tuesday it took me an hour and 15 minutes to go 2 miles in between the Temple-Belton area and Salado. A Schneider truck carrying a load of beer turned over at the 290.5 mile marker on I35 and had the interstate completely shut down. Backup started at the 292 and we were being routed onto the frontage road at exit 290. There went my shower time, gotta love (not!) the 14 hour rule. Have to be extra-cautious with beer loads, it's usually stacked high, it's heavy, and it's unstable. Kind of like a tanker with no baffles X 10--well, maybe not that bad but close. The accident was on straight, dry road so the driver either changed lanes too quickly or had somebody cut them off. I haven't pulled a beer load in 6 years thank goodness but was always extra-cautious when I did. Gives me chills just thinking about it.

Found where the window guy didn't get the windshield properly sealed last week. I knew there was a spot because I was hearing wind noise but couldn't find it while the truck was sitting still. Well, I hit heavy rains Tues. afternoon and the weak place was allowing water to come in at the upper left (driver's side) corner. I ended up with a wet leg and foot before the rain stopped, couldn't even reach my paper towels to stuff in the corner so just had to deal with it.

Austin traffic was ok but San Antonio was rough. Usually it's the reverse but the people of S.A. can't drive if there's even a hint that it might rain. Still made it to Laredo by 1800, no line at our yard, no line at Penske, and no line at the shop to have my trailer brakes adjusted, woo-hoo! Oh and the guard at Penske was fast so I was in and out of there in 15 minutes. That almost never happens! Made up for all that when I stopped to fuel at Encinal. Our company is doing this new thing about sending a fuel plan with your load info and I read it too fast. Didn't notice that I had a 121 gallon limit and put on 150.89 gals. Had to call in to have it authorized and got a nice little lecture along with it. My fault, normally they will just have you top it off there because it's almost always cheaper. It did show me topping off at Prescott, AR Love's and that's where I got the fill part from. Made it to Pearsall with 15 minutes to spare on my 14 hours. Wednesday was uneventful except for the long-ass wait to fuel at Prescott. That place is horrible to get in and out of, it took me 30 minutes to fuel. Most Loves' are a logistical nightmare to maneuver in.

Tuesday was an exercise rest day. Wednesday morning was a 2.8 mile run in 26:42 at Pearsall. The shoes I'm running in right now are killing me so going to buy a new pair later today (Adios $100). Should have set my alarm to get up and go ride with Gary this morning but couldn't make myself do it. Ended up waking up at 5:52 a.m. and that felt much better than the 4 a.m. I would've had to get up at in order to get home for the 6 a.m. ride. Still need to get out there on the bicycle sometime today for 15-20 miles.

I found this picture this morning. I can't believe how short Gary and I look next to James. And we look so serious! Emailed it to Gary and he said we were sorta like wet cats that morning, LOL. I had to shell out the money to get a copy of that, it's so funny.

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