17 July 2008

Rude CFI driver

I don't have a lot to complain about this week as far as work goes. Made it through Austin and San Antonio with no major traffic snafus. Got loaded early, didn't have to stop at a single red light in Laredo going in, no lines at our yard, the shop, or Penske. The only delay was the qualcomm service was spotty and I couldn't get evening dispatch to answer their phones for a couple of hours so had a delay when picking up my return trailer.

I did have an interesting encounter with a CFI/Con-Way driver when leaving out of Laredo though. He was sitting at the stoplight waiting to make a left turn and I was coming up in the right turn lane and eased up forward past him just a little so I could see the traffic to make my legal right turn on red after stop. Evidently he didn't like that so he pulls up and blocks my view, I'm thinking okay he's just trying to get the red light sensor to trip over to green and I pull up just forward of him again to check for the traffic. I manage to spot a big truck coming up so I know it's not safe to make my right but evidently CFI is pissed 'cause he pulls forward again but really fast and I think he was planning on running the light. Evidently he didn't look to his left to see that large white 18-wheeler that was coming from the west because he had to make a very fast sliding emergency stop. All I could think was WTF?!?! He managed to get stopped but the nose of his tractor was out in the slow lane. I'm not sure why he was so determined that I wasn't going to make my turn, which as I mentioned before would have been a legal right on red after stop and there are separate turning lanes for left and right (it's a "T" intersection) so it's not like I was cutting him off. Oh well, at least I know to look for traffic before pulling out onto a 60 mph road.


Marc said...

my daughter broke her wrist tuesday (hairline crack) her and mattie jo were riding a 4 wheeler hit a big rock turned over and lea landed on her wrist. mattie was ok. She went to a specilist yesterday it isnt that bad. She got a blue cast

gabsatrucker said...

Those rocks are killer!! I'm glad that all she had was a broken wrist--could've been much worse. A friend's son ended up being airlifted to LR from Tuckerman after a 4-wheeler accident.