24 July 2008

A smile that would do a hockey player proud

First appointment at the dentist was this morning to start the process of fixing my teeth from last Saturday's mishap. First step was to bond a wire to my front teeth to help stabilize them, feels like I have braces. Dentist couldn't do anything about the broken right tooth right now so I'm still sporting the hockey player smile, next appointment is 2 weeks from now. I'm embarrassed to admit that it has been 5.5 years since my last cleaning but it was around that time that my current employer bought out the company I was working for. It's better pay, routes, and benefits but it's a bitch to get anything done because the medical dept. will shut you down until they review everything from the doctor, dentist, etc. and it can be a long and tedious process to get cleared for work. I was getting grumbled at for not having regular dental cleanings and told there was no reason not to since I have insurance but they only got a small taste this morning of what it is like to deal with my company.

On the bright side the dentist I chose is only 2 blocks away from my house so I was able to walk there and back. The dental hygienist was a sweetie and was telling me that I looked younger than 39. I think she was just trying to make conversation and that's something they teach in dental hygiene 101 to make the patient more at ease with sitting there with their mouth wide open while some stranger is using medievalesque torture devices on them. Oh and why are all dental hygienists young, cute, girls?

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