11 July 2008

Aching legs Part II

Those hills killed me yesterday! I know I asked Gary a couple of times weren't we at the top of that mountain yet, LOL. My favorite word was "whew", it was all I could get out at times. He did say that my hill-climbing was improving, most of the time he didn't get a very long rest break (if at all) at the top so I am getting better. It's hard to force yourself into a cold bath but it does help so it's worth it the next day. Just not much fun sitting there shivering.........

Drove my truck back to the NLR shop last night and hitched a ride back with James. We got accosted by a Heartland driver trying to recruit him last night. The guy didn't know when to quit, even JB Hunt recruiters know they can't match what we have right now as far as pay, dedicated routes, and hometime. He kept telling James "Let me run some numbers by you to show you what you can be making." J. was going to get the pickup but couldn't get away so when I got out to get it the guy was like "are you going to let her walk across the parking lot by herself?" Granted it was midnight, but the parking lot is well lit and our vehicle was clearly visible from where the big truck was parked so I'm pretty sure that I could manage to get there with no problem (ha-ha). It's usually the jerks like this that you have to watch out for anyway. His favorite line was "so you're not in this for the money?" Of course money is a big part of why we drive but it's nice having a life outside of the truck too. Plus we have had a couple of acquaintances (one is a good friend) that have worked for Heartland and they are sticklers about their drivers staying out for certain period of time before getting to go home. Our friend called them HeartLess. So, thanks, but NO thanks, I'll stick with my .39 cpm dedicated run.

James told one of his friends yesterday that I was out riding my motorcycle and the guy was like "by herself? She sure is independent." Wow, I didn't know I wasn't allowed outside the house alone. Grrrr. This is 2008 right?

Planned on an early morning run but walked Elsie at 6 a.m. and went back to bed until 10 a.m. Guess I needed some extra sleep. J rode his dresser back up to Bald Knob to move his truck into a better parking spot then came back and made me coffee and oatmeal. He said the Heartland driver just waved at him this morning but didn't try to recruit him anymore. Oh yeah, I want to give up my route to deliver at Wal-Mart distribution centers again (said sarcastically!). Our dispatcher also told James this morning that the Columbia racks have been re-routed up to Saginaw, MI and to drop the trailer at the Nashville yard and he would let him know if he would reload at Pulaski Monday or Tuesday. I'll try to get a short run in this evening either before the disc golf game or after. Jason said his sister may join us tonight, yay!

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