02 July 2008


Dispatcher called James yesterday afternoon saying there was one pickup on the 3rd and did one of us want it--he was giving us first shot at it. James ended up taking it, it's frustrating on one hand but on the other we are running a little behind because of me being off for 6 weeks. It's odd that there is a load coming out right before the holiday weekend but evidently the Mexico plant didn't correctly calculate the amount of parts they were going to need. Hopefully I will have a load coming out next week, I'm feeling a little guilty about all the time I've had to take off. James took this one because he knew I had plans to run a 5k on Friday (yep, he's a keeper).

I saw Annette at Academy Sports yesterday, or rather she saw me!! I was too busy digging through the clearance rack (extra 50% off!!) to notice anybody around me. She very patiently listened to my griping about my running mileage (or my lack thereof). Sorry about that Annette, I'll try not to be so grumpy Friday! Found a Nike exercise bra for $5 and a pair of Nike capri sweats for $10. Love it when Nike clearances out end of season colors.

We dropped by the shop after our Academy Sports and Home Depot stops and the windshield was just then getting replaced. The wing is still bent and scribbled on--they didn't even order the part until yesterday morning and it will take 10 days to arrive (from the Dallas-Fort Worth area, WTF? Are they actually having to build the part from scratch?). Then it has to be painted--plain white, btw--so it's going to be a minimum of 14 days before it's replaced. Yep, 2 more weeks of hearing wisecracks about the woman driver that can't drive without tearing her truck up, grrrrr.

Ok, now the fun stuff! I met Gary at 6 am yesterday morning to ride with what he calls the Country Club Gang--which includes some of the movers and shakers of Searcy. I asked him if they were going to be ok with a heavily tattooed, female truckdriver joining them, LOL. It was a great ride--faster than the Bike City Sat. fun rides and it made for an excellent workout. I ended up with just over 20 miles in a little over an hour (that included traffic and a couple of steep hills). I didn't have to walk up any hills although a couple of times I was at the very bottom of my gears, if it had gotten any steeper or longer, I'd have been hoofing it! I had planned on making a brick of it but my shins had other ideas so just walked with Elsie for 1.03 miles afterwards to stretch my legs.

James made plans to meet with Jason for a round of disc golf yesterday evening, so I put on my running gear and went for a quick run on the nearby section of bicycle trail before joining the game at around the 4th or 5th hole. 2.78 miles in 26:38--that included a .25 mile walk to warm up so I was a bit faster than I should've been. My game was crappier than normal until the 18th hole and when I made par on it I was jumping up and down yelling. Tried throwing with my right arm a couple of times but it was twinging when I did. My shoulder is also swollen today but I don't know if it was that or the heavier weights I added yesterday to the range of motion exercises. Oh and James made birdie on one of the holes yesterday, YAY!

This morning was a 3.75 mile run in 36:14. Ran slow until the final mile then added some fartleks in to finish up with. Got whistled at by one of the trash guys so I'm thinking he might need some glasses, lol. James joined me and Elsie afterwards for our neighborhood walk. He had tried to go back to sleep while I was running but she was wanting her walk and kept fussing at him until he got up. I wish she was better trained about staying with me off the leash but there are too many distractions where we live so no running loose for her. I need to find a nice secluded trail because she will stay right on my heels if we're running and nobody else is around.

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