07 June 2015

Juneathon Day 7

A run in the sun! Even managed to get a bit of a tan along the way.  I woke up with no back pain this morning but didn't get out until late afternoon to run--was enjoying catching up on the last few episodes of Outlander Season 1, it is certainly doing the books proud.

As for the run, it wasn't amongst my best efforts--I'm not acclimatised to heat running yet so there were a few walk breaks.  The route was chosen for staying off the road as much as possible and some of my explorations didn't go to plan but other deviations were much nicer than expected.  One farmer is doing his best to make a public footpath through one of his fields very inaccessible, I had to climb a gate and the wooden stiles had been dismantled to the point where they were almost unusable.  A dog walker had warned us about this particular area back in December and asked us to write the council but until now I hadn't found where it was.

There might have been an area where I was a wee bit lost (nothing new there) but I am learning the area well enough that I could work my way back on course without having to backtrack (yay!).  It was enough to remind me that perhaps I should carry the phone and some cash when I haven't ran the route before though.

Juneathon Week 1 totals:
Running: 38.49 miles
Cycling: 1.66 miles
Walking/Nordic Walking: 11.84 miles

51.99 miles altogether

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