02 June 2015

Women's Sport Week and my running hero

In the UK this is national Women's Sport Week (1-7 June), some will question why we need a day much less a full week to focus on women in sport but the sad truth is that there is still far too much disparity in the funding, coverage, pay, sponsorship, et al of female athletes.  There is still the not uncommon remark bandied about of 'Get back in the kitchen', something I heard far too much of during my years as a truck driver once those of a certain mentality found out I was a solo driver (can't say that was even limited to guys, heard it from a fair amount of women as well).  Attitudes are changing but it is a slow process so it is important to have initiatives like the Women's Sport Week,  and #thisgirlcan to publicise and encourage females to participate, volunteer, and work in sport and that we do deserve recognition for our achievements!

Women in Sport Pinterest

Ok, off the soapbox for now but in honour of Women's Sport Week I do want to mention my first major running hero, Amy Palmiero-Winters.  I'm not sure she's very well-known here in the UK and even in the US there are a few blank looks from the running community whenever her name is mentioned.   Right after I completed the couch to 5k programme Runner's World ran this article about Amy and I was in AWE. Here was a woman in a non-traditional career (welder) that rode a motorcycle and was/IS a kick-ass runner, the first two I instantly identified with since I was also in a male-dominated job and rode a Harley. The last? I will never hit the times and distances she churns out and these are after she battled back from a major accident and had her leg amputated. Check out the video from her Badwater 2011 finish.

Who is your running/sport hero? 

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