11 June 2015

Juneathon Interrupted.

Juneathon Day 10 had an interruption in the form of an epic road trip which culminated in us eating dinner in the shadow of the Uffington White Horse--there will be at least one post on our adventures later! It wasn't a total wash because while my partner took a power nap in the afternoon the mutts and I took a 1 mile stroll on a footpath at Sturminster Newton.


712 miles in the car has taken a toll on my back though, nice little back spasms and a burger (road trip food) taking its revenge on me during tonight's run.  Since I had to make 2 emergency pit-stops on the run up to the club I opted for the track session because at least I would always be close to a loo.  Made it through 2 of the mile repeats before my GI system acted up again and had to quit halfway through the 3rd. Yes, verging on TMI territory here!

Day 10: 1.23 mile walk
Day 11: 6.75 miles run

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