17 June 2015

The heat is on for Juneathon!

Apologies in advance for the earworm but I have been humming 'The Heat Is On' since posting an article about hot weather and how it affects your running on the Of Runsound Mind page yesterday. Gotta love the 80s!

Last night we had what was our first properly HOT run of the year, there have been a handful of warmish ones but this was the first where I came home and after peeling off the jogbra could have wrung the sweat out of it.  Oddly, I quite enjoyed the feeling of running in the heat and humidity but unlike Arkansas it won't be an everyday occurrence from now until October.  

The ashmei socks have been some of the most comfortable socks I've ever worn but unfortunately I have already worn holes into the toe area--so incredibly disappointed. I had hopes of these lasting at least a year which is around the time frame my socks generally make it to before the toe wear-through happens and this is at 3 months.  I'm in a quandary as to whether to make an issue of it since these were a gift rather than something I purchased for myself.  

Juneathon Day 15: No walk or run, short kettlebell workout
Juneathon Day 16: 4.8 miles Nordic Walking class, 9.2 miles club run

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