09 June 2015

Juneathon Day 9 and Denby BDL

I hate seasonal allergies, there has been an over-abundance of grouchiness and lethargy this week thanks to them.  I slept quite a bit of the day yesterday and ended up back in bed for over two hours this afternoon and have been fighting a headache that keeps trying to edge over into migraine territory...It was this that almost made me stay home and skip tonight's BDL race but I figured a run would hopefully knock it out.  No joy on the cure though, it seems determined to hang about.

Despite the sore head I managed to do somewhat ok although per my garmin I was 11 seconds slower than last year.  My splits were reasonable, the first mile was the slowest but the first section on this course is terrible, it's way too narrow for a herd of competitive road runners. At the stile where we have to go single file through there are always a few runners that aren't content with holding their place and try to shove through ahead of the rest of us and I have a nice little scrape just above the knee where someone kicked up a stick into my leg.  While I'm not happy about my placement (206) I can honestly say that I left it all on the course today, I had no kick left on the last uphill push to the finish line and several runners sprinted past me like I was stuck in black strap molasses.

It took me far longer to recover than normal but once I did I headed back out to find Sue and run with her on the final section, it was here when my grouchiness reared its head again...Several runners who had finished earlier were walking back to the car park and while most were stepping aside for those still on the course there were a handful that weren't quite as polite.  Come on people, it's the same distance and just because you finished it quicker doesn't mean that the rest of us aren't entitled to some courtesy as well...There certainly isn't any call for snarkiness either!

The final push, see all those guys behind me? Yeah they all passed me after this!

Juneathon Day 9:
*2.6 mile Tuesday Nordic Walking class
*4.84 miles Denby BDL race (37:48)
*Warmup and warmdown not tracked
*Far too much hoovering upstairs and downstairs, shampooed the living room and entry carpet

Looks like the race was slightly longer, last year's measured at 4.59 miles

Very grateful for the Ilkeston Running Club, I think we had the loudest and certainly the best cheering section!

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