01 June 2015

We meet again Juneathon

It's Juneathon time again! I generally do well with the move every day part of the challenge, it's the blogging about it that catches me out. Let's see if I can do better with June than I usually do with January and hopefully keep it slightly more interesting than I have done in the past. Ready. Set. GO!

Starting it off with an earworm just for orneriness

Oh...almost forgot the fitness part already--today's get off my arse move consisted of leading a Nordic Walking class for 2.71 miles this morning and there will be a run later this afternoon which might have added resistance training courtesy of our crazy weather (up to 60 mph windgusts forecast).

*Update: Despite much procrastination I finally braved the elements and ran 40 minutes. The wind was at my back for the biggest hill but the rest of the time it buffeted me about quite a bit. I was feeling quite smug about my getting out the door until I found out Brinsley Runner did 18 miles in the same conditions!  #hardcore 


Joanne Mallon said...

I'm doing Juneathon too! The blogging part is definitely harder than the fitness part isn't it?

Gabby H said...

Joanne, it certainly is! I do love discovering new blogs as a result of it though.