25 January 2008

In Texas finally

Finally got loaded yesterday morning, made it to Laredo this afternoon and am on my way back home. YAY!!!! I hate being stuck waiting for loads especially on gloomy yucky days. If it's a nice day at least I can do basic housecleaning/maintenance on the truck with the doors and windows open and not feel as closed in. The trailer I picked up yesterday ended up being ready 4 1/2 hrs early so I got a much earlier start than anticipated (double yay!). The security guard at the shipper had a paddle or die bumper sticker on his car so I asked him kayak or canoe? Turns out he canoed and I got him started talking about white water trips. That's way above my skill level, the choppiest water I've been on so far has been Greer's Ferry Labor Day weekend, although that was very exciting at times trying to dodge the drunks with their power boats and jet skis. I think we got buzzed a few times by people deliberately trying to tip us over.

I had time to stop at my house and get my run in there yesterday afternoon. Had a 5 mile run with 3 at 8:39 scheduled but that didn't quite go as planned. With the cold and shorter days I've been trying to get the speed/tempo workouts done on the treadmill but should have kept my butt outside yesterday. I'm not sure what happened, I felt good, was really looking forward to my run but everything seemed to go wrong after my warmup mile. Tried to do my first tempo mile at 8:41, got it done but was miserable, started having stitches, first one side then the other, bumped the speed back down to 5.9 for the next mile, then tried to up the speed again. Just was not going to happen, stitches again, lowered the speed again. The last mile I was able to slowly increase the speed up to 6.7 mph but that was it. I did get 5.25 miles done through sheer stubbornness but it was not a pleasant experience and it was at much slower speeds than what I wanted. Took today as an additional rest day, will try to get in a 5 miler tomorrow, just not sure where I will stop at to run yet.

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