31 January 2008

Windy run

Tuesday's run was the Mt. Vernon rest area loop again. Ran/walked the first 2+ miles with James, he's repeating week 6 since last week was fubar with the schedule. Started with warmer temps (65-70ish) but VERY windy. I think the weather station was saying 20-40 mph sustained winds. It was tough!!! This loop has some steady inclines and there were a few times when I was getting knocked sideways so I don't think my easy 5 (4.7 miles) was very easy for 1/2 the distance. Now when I turned around at the stop sign, woo-hoo!! I felt like I'd lost at least 10 pounds with the wind pushing me down the hill.

I've worked my way through the Gravity@1053' archive this week and have made it to chapters 30 & 31 of the 7th Son Book 3 Destruction podcast novel (having to redownload that episode because the initial download cut off at 2 minutes). I think that I've turned on my XM unit once this week and ended up turning it off after 5 minutes because I couldn't find a clear station for it to transmit over. I did have the skyfi 2 unit that has an excellent fm transmitter built in but I think Delphi was sued because the transmitter was too strong and could transmit over into the car next to you if you were on the same station. Now I have the skyfi3 that has excellent features but a very poor fm modulator and it aggravates me when I can't find a clear enough station for more than 10 minutes. Anyway, who needs it when I have all these excellent podcasts to listen to (well, other than the fact that I would like to have a live news feed every now and then).

Some idiot just went through the truck stop parking lot with a train horn at 10:45 pm. Unfortunately we do have a handful of drivers that deserve the bad reputation that truckers have. It's just a shame that the rest of us have to be painted with the same brush (bad cliche anyone? lol!).

Traffic was rougher than usual on the I35 corridor today. It seemed more like weekend traffic rather than midweek. I had 2 cars in a row at Waco pull out directly in front of me that waited until I wasthisclose and then decided they had to be in my lane right then. James was joking that he didn't want to be anywhere around me in that area.

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