21 January 2008

Laid over

I just thought I was going to have a load this morning. Got woke up just before 7 am with a qualcomm message saying that my load had canceled out. I'm not sure when they figured out that there was no load this morning but my regular dispatcher said that night dispatch was supposed to have let me know before I left home last night. Either way I was not notified. Very aggravating. Didn't want to spend 24 hrs just sitting in the truck so got a room at the Pulaski Comfort Inn. It's an ok room, just don't know if it's 101.99 worth of ok. To top everything off they're telling me that I may have to reload at the Columbia plant tomorrow afternoon. Heavy cargo and they do not get in any hurry with the actual loading process. I'm not a happy camper right now.

I did get the "you're a truck driver?" comment from the lady that checked me into the motel, followed by "but you're so little". It's always kind of nice getting complimented but at the same time it makes you want to ask them just what is a truck driver supposed to look like. I explained to her that it doesn't take brute strength anymore to drive, the hardest thing is getting over the fear of maneuvering that much equipment around.

Today was supposed to have been a rest day but because of tomorrow's schedule being messed up I went ahead and did my run today. It also helped work off some of the frustration. 5 mile easy run scheduled but I only did 4.16 in 42:16. Lots of steep hills around here, had to take a walk break 3/4 of the way up the first hill. Made it up the rest of them without walking. Did a scenic tour of the downtown area while running. It was really nice getting to see something other than traffic. The blurry photo today is of the view from the motel, it will give you some idea of how hilly it is here.

Giles County here has painted fiberglass turkeys (kind of like the cows in Chicago) that are sponsored by a different person or business each year. The program was started in 2004 to benefit the area Youth Leadership Program. I passed by the "Hospifowlty" turkey on my run today, very cute!

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