27 January 2008

Sat. & Sunday updates

Arkansas had a fast moving ice storm come through Friday morning but we missed all the bad roads. James had a friend that called him to tell him about the expected bad weather and we just took our time coming home. According to our local paper there were approx. 75 highway accidents (that doesn't include the side roads) in a 5 hr period. The funny part about this was that there was a 10-40% increase in the grocery store sales. I guess everybody thought that they were going to be iced in for days rather than the afternoon.

I switched things up this weekend. James and I went out to the Berryhill park section of the bike trail to run yesterday (it's the longest section and has parking). He did the 10/5/10 but was having some trouble with his legs-hadn't been doing his toe raises this week, they really make a difference for him-but he did get the run done. I ran/walked that with him for my warmup (approx. 2 miles) and then took off alone for the remainder of my run-was scheduled for 5 miles but ended up doing my long run of 9 miles instead. Everything felt good, the sun had come out and it was just a good strong run. Every run should feel like that!! We did meet a very nice dog on the bike trail yesterday, he was an old guy and was just kind of ambling along, stopped for a moment to let us pet him and then went on his way home.

Today's run, well it wasn't near as much fun as yesterday's but I did manage to get in 5.25 miles. Kept waiting for it to warm up and the sun to come out before going out but it wasn't happening this morning. It's supposed to be in the 50's later today.

This past week I had two different cars pass me illegally on back roads in TN. The first one was in a school zone that was flashing and had state government plates. Guess the slower speed limit doesn't apply to you if you're a state employee. At least when she passed there wasn't traffic coming at us. The second time it happened I was stuck behind a tractor on Hwy 31 between Pulaski and Columbia. It's very twisty and narrow in that section we were in and has very few passing areas. This guy decided to pass me, 2 other cars, and the tractor in a solid line area with 2 vehicles coming at us. Instead of falling back into the line of traffic this guy just kept on and ended up putting one of the cars coming at us into the grass. Nobody wrecked thank goodness but it just blows my mind the stupidity of some people.

I started listening to Mur Lafferty's Playing for Keeps podcast novel this past week. Mur rocks, I've always enjoyed her stuff but this is my favorite so far. If you're not listening to this, start right now!!!!!!

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