03 August 2008

75% humidity + 80F

Makes for a yucky run.........

Annette, Bailey, Michelle, and Cheryl are 10 minutes into the San Francisco Marathon as of right now where it's currently 54F (want to be there! at least for a run). I know they're absolutely enjoying themselves right now and are going to do awesome.

James and I went for an 11 mile easy bicycle ride yesterday evening. He ended up taking his cruiser because sometime last weekend several of the spokes on the rear wheel of his Marin broke. I was taking it easy because of the race earlier in the day but I did try some one leg drills. Verdict: my right leg is almost perfect, the left leg has some major dead spots. I also ended up with a sore left hamstring from that. Made 1 run up Hitler hill but ended up in the granny gear about 7/8 of the way from the top. Oh well, at least I didn't have to walk.

This morning was 4.62 miles in 55:03. 2.52 miles was with Elsie (1 mile walk, 1 mi. run, .27 walk, .25 run) followed by a 2.1 mile run by myself. 20.3 miles on the week, finally getting my mileage back up.

Off to do laundry and pack for the week. Really meant to clean out my truck this weekend but never seemed to get to it. I try to give it a good scrubbing every other week in addition to the normal everyday cleaning. The outside is nice and shiny right now though from the bath at Blue Beacon Thursday at least until I head out across farming country on Hwy 64.


Susan said...

75% humidity -- piece of cake, sister! :)

4 houses separate me and Target!

gabsatrucker said...

Ouch!! You know where to hurt a girl, LOL!!

That's what weather.com had for the humidity level but it actually felt like more, no breeze at all. I was soaking wet when I got home but MS definitely has us beat on the humidity.