29 August 2008

Rant over

Okay, rant over. My week wasn't bad, just had a handful of memorable encounters. I did manage to get in a couple of good runs even though I had to force myself into my running shoes Monday morning. It was sooo humid and hot but I laced up my shoes and prepared myself for what I thought was going to be a miserable time. What turned it around? Well, Marianne and Nik and Dan did. I had downloaded the Endurance Nation podcast interview of Marianne after her IMCDA and she is so incredibly upbeat that you can't help but enjoy yourself around her (or in my case listening to her). Within 2 minutes of turning on my Sandisk Clip my entire mood changed for the better. Thanks Marianne!!! Of course Nik and Dan put out the fantastic 4 feet running podcast that I'm trying my best to catch up on. Even when they're having health issues or have a bad race they still manage to put out awesome episodes that make you laugh. Anyway managed to get in 6.02 miles on the very hilly Amos Hamlett Road.

Wednesday was a 4.13 mile run at Cotulla. After the frustrations of the 2 previous days I was ready to lace up the shoes for some stress relief. It was a great run, I felt like I could have gone further but time was an issue--had another dentist appt to get to. I hydrated a little too much before starting out so had to make a pitstop 1.93 miles in but it was a quick run into the gas station, pee, wash hands, and right back out. Because of time constraints I just did the frontage road loop so had the interstate for scenery (blech). There was another guy doing the same thing I was only in the opposite direction but he didn't seem interested in talking so after the initial hello, we just nodded at each other whenever we met. I must have looked like I was enjoying myself though (and I was!) because I got way more honks than normal.

I was tired this morning, had to get up at 4 a.m. in order to drive on into NLR to drop off my trailer for repair, bobtail to Searcy, and get a shower before my 8:30 a.m. dentist appt. My 2 front teeth are starting to show signs of finally tightening up but he decided to leave the splint on for another 2 weeks. I hope, hope, hope that I won't lose those teeth, really don't want to have to get a partial or bridge. Ended up coming home and sleeping for a couple of hours then met Gary for our usual Thursday afternoon ride. Since it was so hot we decided to take it easy. I never did get my legs to loosen up and it was very difficult to breath because of the humidity. Finished with 17.31 miles at a 13.8 mph average--almost 2 mph slower than normal but it felt ok to not be pushing it super hard. We did go out on Country Club so there were hills involved, LOL, we can never have a truly easy ride.

I did have an interesting encounter this afternoon, a guy stopped by that James and I know but try to avoid (he's crankier than I am!). At one point he starts asking when we were going to quit driving truck because we're getting too old to be doing it much longer. Umm, that was weird. I'm not sure when being in your early 40's or almost 40 was too old to be a truck driver.

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Susan said...

Weirdo guy! There are ANCIENT truckers out there. In fact, you're probably the youngest I am aware of!