22 August 2008

Too lazy to think of a title

Whew, I feel like I've been running 2 steps behind all week. Started out with an 8 mile long run Monday, first 5.5 went great then my tummy decided to rebel on me with a 1/2 mile to go before getting back to the plant. Blech. Anyway, got that taken care of and finished up the long run by doing 2 miles of hill repeats on the cul-de-sac. Turned Elsie loose for the final 2 and she had a good time with following me, then stopping to sniff the bushes, then chasing after me again. Oh, and the dog on Crescent View ran with me again. Thought I'd made it safely by her house but she snuck up behind me and bumped into the back of my legs. Scared the hell out of me 'cause I didn't hear her coming. I bet I jumped 2 feet straight up when that happened, LOL. She does make an awesome running partner, I had two other dogs run out to the road after me and she chased them back so I guess she's decided to be my guard dog.

Got loaded out even later than usual Monday afternoon, had time for a nice nap. Would rather get out early though than have naptime. Found out that one of my favorite supervisors quit last Friday. I'm so ready for the Michigan people to go back home, they're making everybody miserable, even Terry said he was ready to quit and he's usually one of the happiest people I know.

I had to layover Tuesday night waiting on my trailer at Laredo. Along with my dispatch Wednesday morning I received a message saying to call the medical dept. That always means that your name came up for a random drug test, double blech....... My company is using a different clinic for the randoms now and it was in a very rough looking neighborhood, guess the other place was starting to charge too much. Anyway, got there before they opened and was first in line so it didn't take too long. Decided to do a little bit of shopping, went to Academy Sports, Target, and Old Navy (shorts were 50% off, yay!).

Since I didn't get my workout done in the morning, I stopped at Jarrell, TX for a 4 mile run. It was ok but I think if I stop there again I'll try to run in the downtown area for something a little more scenic than the interstate.

Made it home at 1400 yesterday. I was tired since my day had started at 4 a.m. that morning but went ahead and got dressed to meet Gary for our Thursday afternoon ride. I was less than enthused and could feel a headache just waiting to pounce but needed the miles. First few miles were rough and traffic seemed to be heavier than normal but once we got in a groove, I started feeling much better. We did get soaked by one of the storms that rolled through but it lasted less than 10 minutes so didn't call it quits when Gary's wife called to check on us to see if we needed a ride back to the shop. I'm trying to work on the push, scrape, pull method and will surge ahead when I'm concentrating on it but man does it make my hamstrings scream for mercy. We have a couple of hills on the route so it slows down our average but we still kept a 15.8 mph average on the 18 miles.

Tried to go for a 3 mile run yesterday evening after our bicycle ride, but my body said hell, no. I made it a quarter mile out and my stomach started acting up, made it back to the house, then tried to run again and didn't even make it to the end of my street so had to call it quits. Very, very frustrating.

School is back in session so I'm going to have to start watching the time before I head out the door. I live near the high school and the street you have to take to get to the bicycle trail does not have any shoulders (although that is supposed to be rectified sometime in 2009) so you're living dangerously trying to get there between 7:30 and 8 in the morning on weekdays. Anyway, made it back home alive with 5.26 miles. Minor tummy issues again so it wasn't a particularly pleasant time. For some reason my shoulder has also been twinging this week, it makes it harder to keep proper form when running so I'm sure that's not helped anything.

Scrubbed out my truck this morning, it needed it after skipping last weekend and driving in rain off and on this week. It's almost next to impossible to keep the driver's side floor clean when you're having to park on mud parking lots. Even rain-x'ed my windows and mirrors while I was at it, besides providing better visibility it also makes most of the bugs slide right off. I always leave a spot in the middle of the windshield undone though because I'm too short reach all the way across. It's at the top in an almost perfect v-shape, lol!

Have a 63.6 mile ride planned with Gary tomorrow. I think Petra is going to join us for at least 40 of that so he picked a flatter route than normal.

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Susan said...

63.6 -- holy cow!!!

Thanks for the well wishes. I just got back from the Target that's 4 houses away from an amazing registry session! It would have lasted twice as long if I knew the gender already. Fun fun fun!