10 August 2008

Update on HSN 4 mile

They finally have results posted from Friday's race. I was 11th female and 53rd runner overall. The age group results were posted a little different than the way the awards were handed out. Only the top 5 finishers are shown when they actually gave awards to the top 10. So on the age group page, Carol who was 9th is shown to be 1st on the 35-39 list, 10th place female is shown to be 2nd, and I'm shown to be 3rd. Wanted to clarify this in case somebody looked at the page and said that I was a lyin' about my placement. Not sure why it's posted in this manner when it wasn't last year.

I must be getting better at managing crowds, I thought there were fewer runners this year but there were actually more--117 in 2007, 134 in 2008.

2008 Hot Summer Nights 4 Mile results

2007 Hot Summer Nights 4 Mile results

I think it's funny that Carol and I have the exact same age group placement as last year just with better times.

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