29 August 2008

PMS sucks

I think every motorist on the road had it in for me personally Monday and Tuesday. Well, that may be a slight exaggeration but I did have a few that really should have had their licenses yanked. Oh, and there's a Star Transportation driver out there that needs to have a "Caution, asshole driver" sign on the back of his trailer. If another driver is polite enough to move over for you when you're on the shoulder and trying to merge back into traffic you REALLY, REALLY should not be rude to her by staying off of her side and not allowing her to get her slow truck out of the way of the big truck that was nice enough to let her over in the fast lane so that you could get back on the freeway. Yes, I was very peeved, that's just not a cool thing to do to another trucker. I even got on the cb to ask this guy to either go on or slow down so that I could get back over where I belonged but he wasn't interested in doing anything remotely considerate, grrr. The guy behind me finally realized what the Star driver was doing so he backed out of it so I could slow down and fall in behind Mr. Jerk. I'm venting now but I was polite on the radio and didn't flip him off--even though he deserved it. The pms in the title stands not for my p.m.s. but the other--putting up with men's s**t.


Terry said...

Amen Girl.. I don't understand where the courtesy on the road has gone to... Am I the only left who will decelerate to allow a slightly faster truck to pass me..It only takes maybe 30 seconds. Driver Courtesy is one of my biggest pet peeves!! I am back up to 68mph, so thankfully I am able to make more passes without tying up the left lane. Grrrrrrrr!!

Susan said...

Phew - love it!!! Get 'em, Gab!!!