15 August 2008


Yeah, I need to be doing some "real" work on the computer organizing the schedule of rides but I just can't seem to get motivated to do it. I've got the page open, even keyed in ONE word, but that's it, just can't get it done......................So I'm here updating my blog and reading my faves, procrastinating in other words, LOL!

Things seem to be slowing at Pulaski but still got out after lunch which (as I've written way too many times before!) throws my preferred schedule off. I even ended up taking 2 naps this week and I usually don't nap on the road because of the stupid 14 hour rule.

I saw 3 roadrunners (the birds) Tuesday morning in between Athens and Malakoff on Hwy 31. I can't remember the last time I saw roadrunners esp. that many together. Usually just see one or maybe two. Very cool, I love watching them get up and go.

Did my Wed. run at Cotulla again. It was ok, had to make a pitstop at a gas station at 1.9 miles but that was just a normal "drank too much water right before a run" stop. Ended up having to take a 1 minute walk break at 2.4 miles because of the humidity and taking off too fast from the pitstop. There are two large mules in a pasture on the east side of the freeway that always stop their grazing to watch me run by. They keep edging closer to the fence each week and I'm tempted to stop and pet them but not sure of how aggressive they are. Don't really want to have one of them try to take a chomp out of me! Ended up with 4.07 miles.

Took my time driving home so didn't get here until 1230 pm Thursday. Stopped at Buda to wait on James Wed. (took my 2nd nap there) and after eating a meal with him at Cabelas and drooling over the kayaks I only made it to Mt. Vernon. Got there just in time, there were only a handful of spots left at the old fuel stop and they filled up before I pulled my curtains closed for the night.

Thursday afternoon met Gary for our scheduled bicycle ride. We had a couple that ride a tandem join us, they were a lot of fun and could kick some a** on that bicycle. We're finally starting to get some more women riding with us, YAY! I ended up with 21.01 miles at a 14.6 mph average. Neither Gary or me were feeling too energetic so we didn't do a hilly route (thank goodness). He took a bad spill Tuesday evening and has a huge bruise/road rash on his left side. I keep telling everybody that bicycles are more dangerous than motorcycles!

Today was a 1.93 mile walk/run with Elsie then a 3.03 mile solo run. Started off not feeling like I was going to get very far but by the end I felt like I could have kept running forever. Cut it short though because I have the Cabot Cruisers Guys V. Gals challenge in the morning. It's going to be a 5k run followed by a 10 mile bicycle ride and you know the Gals are going to kick some major butt!!

Oh, to heck with it. I'm going to go fire up my motorcycle and run some errands.

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Annette said...

I am so glad you joined the Cruisers!! Looking forward to seeing you in the morning.
Arland, Bailey, Michele, Brenda and I did a preview of the bike course for the challenge. It is hilly but with the kind of hills you have been riding lately it will be a piece of cake for you!!