10 August 2008

I have a new title

Yep, I'm officially the ride organizer of ABC-Searcy. I have absolutely no idea what I'm supposed to do, I think I was nominated because I have the biggest mouth. Note to self--be quieter!! Actually, I think my only duties are to post the bicycle rides on the forum and email them to the guy in charge of the monthly ride schedule (at least I hope that's what I'm supposed to do).

It was a beautiful morning to ride today, temperature was 66F. Nice and cool for a change. I told Gary that I would be okay for an easy day because my legs were still sore from last night's race. He said that would work for him but we were joined by 3 other riders and that went out the window. It was still more laid back than the weekday country club ride. We did the 18 mile airport route and met back at the bicycle shop to gather up James and Petra at 7:30 for a 2nd loop. James is getting stronger, he was still tired and working harder than me and Gary but it didn't kill him like the last time he did that particular loop with me. My legs were just about screaming for mercy before it was all done, too many hills this past week! Cycling total for today was 36.93 miles at a 15.1 mph average. Would like to get that average up, but it does include city streets and hills so it's not too bad, I guess.

We have a disc golf game scheduled for tomorrow if it's not raining at 11 a.m. but it's not looking good. Forecast is showing strong thunderstorms at that time. Oh, and we're going to have to buy James a new back rim for his bicycle. I was wondering how long our wheels would last with some of our pavement around here, mine are ok so far but I think part of that is due to our weight difference. I did a search on rims and the stock rims on his bicycle aren't very good for somebody over 175 lbs.

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