11 August 2008

What not to do

.......the day before a long run is drink 3 cups of coffee at home then go to Starbucks and order
a tall vanilla latte and a venti iced coffee. I was sooooo sick to my stomach last night. I have no clue what got into me other than it was rainy and dreary and I guess I thought coffee was the cure, ugh. Needless to say it made for an "interesting" run this morning. Made the entire 7 miles that was scheduled but it wasn't pleasant after the first 4 and the last mile was downright miserable. Took 4 different 1 minute walk breaks and was just barely slogging at the end but I did it. The moment the garmin showed I hit 7 miles that was it, immediately started walking, LOL!!!!!

Had a dog join me at about 1.75 miles, she was determined she was going with me no matter how much I told her to stay and yelled at her. She was super friendly, actually made a great running partner, she went with me all the way to the end of Crescent View and back to her house where I had to really scold her hard to make her stay. She looked so heartbroken that I was talking so mean but I didn't want her to get lost. People shouldn't let their dogs run loose especially with no collar saying who they belong to.

Oh, forgot to mention I almost had my first stop and flop Saturday with my clipless pedals. Was at a stop sign and started to go and all of a sudden I just slowly started leaning to the left. Got unclipped when I was at a 45 degree angle but I just knew I was going to be laying on the ground with everybody watching. Very embarrassing!!!!!!!! James was laughing at me once I got unclipped because the whole time I was yelling oh crap, oh crap!!

Well, need to go check in at the plant to let them know I'm back and to find out when they want me to bump the dock. Hope everybody has a great day.

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