08 August 2008


Well, we had our first meeting tonight for the Searcy bicycle club. Gary did a wonderful job, he has put all this together almost single-handedly (he had help from Rhonda his beautiful wife). We had a couple of speakers from the Arkansas Bicycle Club come up to speak (Jim Britt, the ABC president and Tom Ezell, Bike League certified instructor) and had a larger turnout than what I expected, YAY!! Although there were a few people that I expected to be there that weren't. Learned some new stuff and hopefully we'll be able to get a few more people together on some rides.

Speaking of bikes, I washed my Harley this afternoon and rode it to the bicycle meeting. It was almost 20 degrees cooler today than it was at this time last week and it felt good to be riding. Michael, another local bicyclist, rode his Honda Sabre. We had a nice geeky joke
about this being the biker meeting.

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Arland said...

Anything on two wheels is good! I keep walking past my motorcycle in the garage thinking I sure need to ride this some.