07 August 2008

But, we just met

Tuesday morning I'm standing in line at the Prescott, AR Love's fuel desk to return my shower key and towels and I hear this gem from some guy who has decided to invade my personal space

"Boy, those sure are some nice legs."

Now, I'm not sure he's talking to me at this point because there is another woman in line ahead of me. Could be directed at either one of us.

Then--"Those are even nicer tattoos to go with those legs."

Now I know it's me but I continue to try to ignore him but I get yet another comment about my legs and tattoos (something along the lines of seeing what else I had). I'm cranky because the load came out late again, I didn't sleep well, and the showers there leave a whole lot to be desired in the cleanliness dept AND this guy that is basically breathing down my neck doesn't even have the social skills to say "Excuse me" or "Hello" before commenting about my body parts (or even speak to my face). At this point the cashier, the woman in line ahead of me, and I are all just kind of staring at each other wondering when he's going to give up and I just kind of snap at him that it was entirely too early for this type of conversation. I don't think he ever realized that what he was doing was not acceptable and was making the rest of us uncomfortable.

I'm sure I could have handled this in a better (more polite!) way, just said thanks, and left it at that but unfortunately I've been in way too many situations where I tried to do the polite thing and ended up having guys trying to follow me to my truck, ask me out on dates (without even knowing my name!!!) and behave in even creepier ways. This guy might have just been trying to make conversation but it just completely creeped me out having somebody step up that close to my back and then start saying stuff.

So any advice out there on how to deal with this? I don't necessarily like being outright rude to people but I do want to make sure that I don't have some weirdo decide that I want to jump him just because I said hello or thank you. This, sadly, has happened more than once by the way and a wedding ring doesn't seem to deter them.


Susan said...

You did just the right thing! (in my opinion)

Terry said...

You actually did what I would have done! normally I just give them a fierce glaring look, but sometimes you just have to be direct to send the message. And I hate being rude, too.