17 August 2008

Cabot Guys Vs. Gals

Friday afternoon I stopped by the soon to be new Bike City location after running my errands to check out the progress Duane and Becky had made. They're coming right along, it's going to be a much larger shop than their current one. I volunteered to help out with some of the cleanup work and James came in as I was getting ready to go back so he ended up helping too :-)

Saturday was the Cabot Guys vs Gals challenge of a 5k run followed by a 10 mile bicycle ride and then a picnic afterwards. Lots of fun!!!!!!!!! And it couldn't have been a nicer day as far as the temps go. This year they added a twist to the run, if the women wore a running skirt they got a 1 minute head start, if the guys wore a skirt they got a 2 minute head start! There were several guys that did wear a skirt, one even had a sign on the back that read "I need the 2 minutes!"

Love the look on the little girl's face!

I had a good run except for one little problem, just after 2 miles in. I needed to pee desperately! I'm really having trouble getting the hydration just right, either I'm underhydrated and get a horrible stitch or overdo it and end up needing to go in the middle of a run or race. Wish I could figure out what the magic number/level is for me. Finished in 26:20, that's in the range of what my 5ks have been lately.

Next up was the 10 mile ride, I was curious about how I would do on this since I didn't know the course and I hadn't gotten out and just pushed as hard as I could for that long. Didn't do too bad although I did miss one of the turns. I was following a couple of guys that first I would pass, then they would pass me--we were close to the same level, just had different strengths depending on the terrain. One of the guys started to slow down and me and the other started to pass him, we didn't realize he was slowing for a right turn. The other guy managed to catch himself and get turned but I didn't. Had to go up a little ways to the next street and flip around, slowed me down a fair bit and lost some of my momentum. Anyways, had somebody else catch me (and eventually pass for good) but that worked out well since I couldn't remember what the next turns would be. I was still very pleased with how I did. Accidently erased my computer before writing the stats down so this is from memory (and my memory can be faulty, LOL) but I think I kept just over a 17 mph average (again, could be wrong), slowest speed up one of the hills was 10.3 mph (this isn't counting my slowing down from the missed turn) and max speed was just over 27 mph. Most of the time when I would glance down at the computer on what few flat stretches there were I would be doing anywhere from 19 to 22 mph. I was having some lower back pain from working in the shop the day before, it's been quite a while since I'd done any home improvement projects and no matter how good of shape you're in, you're going to feel it when you add in movements that you're not accustomed to.

One guess on why this is James' favorite pic of the day!

I think the cutest thing was Bailey's cheering section on the ride portion, a couple of little boys were chanting "Miss Bailey, Miss Bailey, Miss Bailey rocks!" Got to meet a lot of very nice people, I just love the Cabot group. Did have my first stop and flop though. I was stopped in the parking lot after the ride waiting for traffic to clear to cross over, had my left foot unclipped and ON the ground, looked over my shoulder and started tilting to the RIGHT. Couldn't get unclipped so just slowly toppled over in front of a small audience. I'm ok except for a small bump just below my left knee (caught it on the pedal) but it is embarrassing. Nothing to do except pick yourself up and grin though!

James and I went out for a disc golf game last night, it was a perfect evening for it. Not too hot, and very few mosquitos out. It's been at least a month since we last played and I pretty much sucked. Bought a new driver for the pretty pink color that doesn't work for me at all and I lost my old driver in the brush, grrr! Lesson of the day--don't buy discs because you love the color.

This morning James joined Elsie and me for a 2 mile walk then I went for a 2 mile easy run. Followed that up with an 11.29 mile bicycle ride with James. Tomorrow may be a short easy run rather than the scheduled long run.

Oh, the results from the Guys vs. Gals challenge--the gals won of course! Although it was close this year, I think there were only 3 points separating the men and women.

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